At KNOWAutism Foundation, our goal is to help reduce the burden of an autism diagnosis. We are building a community of friends and supporters dedicated to improving the lives of children with autism. Since its inception in 2013, KNOWAutism Foundation has funded several special projects, including:

  • The creation of The Stewart Center, a diagnostic clinic for autism at the Westview School
  • Collaboration with Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) and The River to launch the Community Arts Residencies, a program that brings inclusive fine arts education to preschoolers in HISD
  • Collaboration with the Houston Ballet to expand their Adapted Dance Off-Site program to an additional 8 series for 2018
  • Establishing two financial assistance programs: our Tuition Assistance Program and our Diagnostic Testing Assistance Program​

The Foundation also offers online resources for families, providing information on local private schools, therapists, doctors, clinics, and programs that treat children with autism. As the organization grows, we plan to partner with other local organizations and businesses to provide updated trainings on Autism Spectrum Disorder to increase awareness, encourage early intervention, and facilitate the creation of more autism-friendly events and services in our community.​

Programs & Services