​"Thank you for your grant to help support the tuition for our son. He has grown so much since he began attending [the intensive program]. It has allowed him to learn to communicate with his sisters and baby brother, as well as to develop friendships. The grant definitely will help with the financial difficulties our family is experiencing with [our son's] therapies. We deeply appreciate and thank you for your generous support."

-Kevin & Valerie, 2017 Grant Recipients

​"Our little guy works tremendously hard during the school year to continue to develop, and [this summer camp] will give him an opportunity to explore nature in a structured setting. It will also be the first time that he has been able to leave home into a new environment where he does not know another person. This small step towards independence would not be possible without your most generous grant. Thank you for making an impact on our young son's life."

-Rob & Jennifer, 2016 Grant Recipients

​"He is my miracle child... I had him against all odds. It breaks my heart to see that at the age of almost five years old, he had not had a spoken word. This scholarship will go a long way for [my son]... I am trying to get him as much help as I possibly can because I know I will not be here forever. I want [my son] to be a productive member of society. And I'll do whatever I can for him as long as I am alive. This financial assistance you provided will be of great help to us."

-Sarah, 2017 Grant Recipient

​"Having three children with Autism has allowed us to discover the beautifully unique way in which they each can learn. And grants like the one you provided allow us to explore options for them. The work that you do and the generosity of your supporters gives our family hope. It reminds us that we are not alone. And that there are people out there that believe in our children as much as we do."

-Randy & Estella, 2016 Grant Recipients

​"Thank you to everyone who made it possible for [my son] to continue his time at the [speciality program]. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made. He has improved so much in his social skills, verbally, etc. Without your assistance, he would not have had a chance to attend such an awesome facility... I want to make sure my son has the best shot at life, and you have made that possible."

-Rolanda, 2017 Grant Recipient

KNOWAutism Making A Difference

​"I can't express just how grateful I am for this grant and the tremendous difference it makes. [My son] is very excited to be able to continue his journey with his [school] 'family,' to get on with learning more about himself and where his place is in this world (and to find employment this year, yay!). His growth has been tremendous the last two years, and I am thankful for generous people like you who are making it possible for him to keep growing, and singing, and dancing!"

-Mother of a 2016 Grant Recipient